"Supporting the Pilot Implementation of the National Network of Digital Manufacturing Laboratories (Fab-Lab) Peru" EPE AP-B.08.02

Within the framework of the Pacific Alliance, different technical working groups were implemented, being the education group (hereinafter, GTE), the one where initiatives are developed with the aim of strengthening educational integration ties, aimed at improving skills and capabilities of the population, as well as access to quality education for the development of human capital, productivity and competitiveness of the member countries (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru), with the participation of the Government of Canada as a State Observer.

For this, Global Affairs Canada is established as a cooperating entity, through the Canadian Association of Technological Institutes - CICan, who contribute to the implementation of the intervention called Education for Employment (hereinafter, EPE), the same one that has been carried out for 6 years (September 2016-September 2022).

In this line, in 2019 the actions of the project "Sustainable Development and Skills for Employment in the Extractive Sector of the Pacific Alliance" began, whose main objective is to contribute to the increase of socio-economic opportunities for men and women in a sector extractive, which is also sustainable and inclusive, in the countries of the Pacific Alliance (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru).

The project "Supporting the Pilot Implementation of the National Network of Digital Manufacturing Laboratories (Fab-Lab) Peru" seeks to contribute to the development of capacities in the Institutes that apply the Excellence model (IDEX) in Peru, prioritizing the pedagogical components for the implementation and use of Digital Fabrication Laboratories (FabLabs) in teaching and learning processes, applied research, business incubation processes and entrepreneurship, ensuring a gender perspective and opportunities for networking and collaborative work among IDEX.

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