Projects with language inclusion - 01/19/23

Inclusion is a big part of this project

  • Within the framework of the Pacific Alliance, the project B.08.02 "Support for the Implementation of a National Network of Digital Manufacturing Laboratories (Fab-labs) - Peru (MINEDU)" is being developed, this project emphasized the gender and social inclusion during their training stage.

    One of the objectives that was outlined was to increase the participation of women and girls, as well as to establish a link with remote communities. The projects carried out by the Institutes that apply the Excellence Model - IDEX developed this perspective. We have as examples:

    IDEX Huando (Lima Provinces), which presented its project in Quechua with the indigenous communities in mind, generating interest among the population.
    watch the video here

    For its part, IDEX Peru Japan (Chachapoyas - Amazonas), which sought to sensitize indigenous children about the region's wealth of flora and fauna through a puzzle translated into native languages.

    Likewise, IDEX Túpac Amaru (Cusco), presented an innovation project that seeks to provide electricity through the transformation of wind energy to remote communities that do not have this service.